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Friday, August 9, 2019



Penny Barber Heats Up Your Summer with PowerGlove Porn Script Contest

(San Francisco, CA) Kinky Mommy Dom Penny is having a PowerGlove Porn Script Contest—come up with the best script and get your script made into a Penny Barber movie. The contest starts today and runs until September 7th.

If you’ve ever wanted to write a script for Penny, now is your chance, and you will be rewarded. Penny is looking for retro-futuristic porn scripts aka Vaporwave, cyberpunk or outrun. Besides the subject matter, other key elements must be included to win—the Power Glove must be as a prop or key element, the script must be written for a solo girl performer (aka Penny) or a guy doing a POV, and feel free to use fetish, costumes, and basic special effects. Entry form and all the specific rules are at

“I love doing my artistic projects and want my fans to see what I’ve been up to, so that’s why I relaunched the Penny Barber Films website,” says Penny Barber. “Plus, I want to make new and exciting films and could use some fresh ideas, so that’s where the contest comes in. If you’ve ever wanted me to use your script, now is the time to submit it. Good luck to everyone!”

Penny self-funds her

movies, and relies on sales from her clips’ stores to make her amazing films a reality. Check out her clips stores on Clips4Sale and and ManyVids and purchase a clip or even multiples. Be the hero and screen and/or fund her future projects by hitting up her manager at

Interview Penny Barber for your site, show, or publication by contacting Erika Icon of The Rub PR at


Entrepreneur Penny Barber (AKA Penelope Barber) is a woman who wears many hats from producer/director to performer to storyteller/filmmaker author and beyond. She’s known for her clips as the busty, glasses-wearing Taboo MILF and who likes to sling verbal humiliation and create cinematic scenes and

In her 10+ years in the industry, she’s made countless clips, authored two books on age play, worked with, Gwen Media, and various independent clip producers, entered numerous film festivals, and brought her focus to making professional and cinematic pieces on her Canon 5D Mark IV. And in 2019, she went mainstream with her interview with The Daily Beast and scored her first awards nomination from the Urban X Awards for Most Popular Fetish Star.

Stay posted on everything in her world by following her Twitter at @pamperedpenny and Instagram @miss.penny.barber. Hear her sexy voice on Verified Call Support her art by subscribing to her official site, buying her clips at Clips4Sale and and ManyVids, as well as subscribing to her OnlyFans at And “like” her Pornhub videos at


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