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Friday, April 12, 2019



Alice Little Is Literally Everywhere with 3 Major Interviews

(Carson City, NV) Petite powerhouse Luxury Companion and legalized sex work and sex education advocate Alice Little is literally everywhere with interviews on Daily Beast, Two Girls One Mic, and the New Books Network.

Seasoned writer Aurora Snow wrote a new column for the Daily Beast about the new crops of Democratic hopefuls and how sex workers are finding it hard to get excited about these candidates with most of them supporting FOSTA/SESTA. “Porn Stars Find 2020 Democratic Candidates ‘Extremely Depressing’” delves into the intricacies of sex worker safety and resources with the passing of FOSTA/SESTA. Alice voices her frustration with lawmakers who voted on the bill without knowing the implications. Although Alice works at a legal brothel, it’s still disconcerting for her as a sex worker. The Daily Beast article also speaks to Sydney Leathers, Mark Spiegler, and others about their views on the candidates. Read it in its entirety at

Badass babes Alice and Yvette of Two Girls One Mic: The Porncast had Alice as their guest. Her episode is cleverly titled “Little Brothel on the Prairie”. They cover a lot of ground including what it’s like to work in a legal brothel in Nevada, safety, pegging, why every bedroom needs an extension cord, the loneliness epidemic in our country, and legalization. Listen to the entertaining and super savvy podcast at

Alice was included in atypical economist Allison Schrager’s book “An Economist Walks into a Brothel”. Both Alice and Allison are guests on the latest podcast “New Books and Gender Studies” on the New Books Network with host Kyle McMillen. Alice discusses the legal brothel system, how she’s become an advocate for sex workers, financial risk and safety in sex work, and much more. Get ready for an educational podcast and hear it at

“The article and both podcasts are extremely educational—you should definitely read the article and listen to both podcasts to learn more about legal brothels, politics, and what it’s really like to be a sex worker,” says Alice Little. “I was honored to be part of all three.”

Adult toy companies and others looking to sponsor Alice’s extremely popular YouTube Channel or Wing Woman Podcast can contact Erika Icon of The Rub PR at Use the same contact info for all media requests to get Alice on your site, publication, or show.

Looking to spend some quality time with Alice at the Bunny Ranch? Make an appointment by using the contact form, or emailing her


Although Alice Little might be a petite 4’8” and 80 pounds, she’s a powerhouse. Born in Ireland, the fierce redhead is the #1 Luxury Companion at the world-famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch and holds the title of 2018 Bunny of the Year, hosts her own radio show the Wing Woman Podcast, blogs for SheKnows, and is a massive advocate for legalized sex work and sex education in public schools.

Alice is quickly becoming known as the go-to sexpert and intimacy expert, and has been featured on ABC’s Nightline, Buzzfeed, Daily Beast, Refinery 29, ESPN Radio, BBC News, Fox News, UK’s The Sun, Tim Ferris Show, Two Girls One Mic, and Shane & Friends podcasts,, and in Allison Schrager’s book An Economist Walks into a Brothel, as well as gracing the pages of Hustler magazine.

Keep up with everything in Alice’s world and check out her official site Tune into her podcast the Wing Woman Podcast on iTunes, Listen Notes, Player FM, Podchaser, and Podbean. Follow her on Twitter @thealicelittle, Instagram @thealicelittleofficial, and Facebook Subscribe to her extremely popular YouTube and the Twitter for it at @AliceLittleTV. Support Alice’s current and upcoming projects by becoming a Patreon patron at


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